chanelChanel contributed in the world of Fashion designing by making little black dress, the tweed suit, the quilted leather handbag and the first-ever designer’s Chanel perfume. When in 1913, Chanel designer Gabrielle opened her small millinery shop with brand Chanel, in Paris. Chanel designer Gabrielle didn’t know much about designing. On the basis of hard work, Fashion designer Gabrielle laid the foundation of Chanel, one of the world`s distinguished fashion houses. Chanel is offering a collection of sporty clothes with cloches and toques. Moreover, Chanel is also contributing in the rage of upper-crust Mademoiselles, which is specially organized for Fashionable boyish dresses of Chanel, made of unfussy jersey fabric.

The next year, of World War I, brought lots of popularity of the new kind of Chanel fashion. Through that Chanel collection women have got more comfortable garments instead of restrictive corsets. In 20’s & 30’s, Chanel kept on revolutionizing the women’s dressing. The popularization of the Chanel suit first gave women, a social or perhaps even better uniform for work, which was as simple and ideal as a man`s business three-piece. In 1923, Chanel No. 5 was created and is still one of the best-selling fragrances of the world.

Likewise the legendary Chanel, Fashion designer Gabrielle maintained her persona in the public. Chanel designer Gabrielle was raised in a French orphanage. Chanel designer Gabrielle rewrote her life’s narrative, and generated the privilege impression. "Coco" is the persona of Chanel designer Gabrielle, mostly popular among her royal lovers and friends too became her best advertisement.

Once again, due to the winds of war, Chanel closed the doors to atelier in 1939. Gabrielle of Chanel didn`t open the business again till 1953.

The first lady of fashion, Chanel designer Gabrielle died in 1971 at the age of 86 at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. Chanel designer Gabrielle had lived there, for 30 years.